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am truly becoming a recovery option skeptic. I was introduced to a yet another web site this morn called Turn to Help . This site offers treatment for opiod addiction.

TURN TO HELP makes the reader feel not along and states “Opioid dependence can affect men and women of all ages, races, ethnic groups, and educational levels. So, it can happen to anyone – a friend, a neighbor, a coworker, a spouse, a brother, a sister, or parent.

It points the brotherhood of addicts to treatment and all the user has to do is enter their zip code. Nice and simple! I entered my zipcode and was given a list of Suboxone Doctors generated from I entered another zip and was provided another list of Suboxone docs generated from . Go figure.

Individuals and nations owe it to themselves and the world to become informed.
– Paul Harris

I looked back at the Turn to Help site and in a tiny font at the bottom of the page it mentions Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc. Take a wild stab at what drug Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc. produces and markets? If you said Suboxone, please step to the front of the class. You will be awarded a magnifying glass to read the tiny eight point fonts at the bottom of future recovery web pages.

Many friends have told me of the success of Suboxone to help their child with their opiate addiction. That is not my issue with the web sites above. The problem I have is that Turn to Help is not designed to offer alternative treatment options as I could not find any mention of Bill W., 12 steps, or a Higher Power. If you are in the business of selling drugs, as I parent I would ask that you be forthright about your motives when offering recovery. My child’s life and the lives of many other children depend on it. (Additionally I have been informed that youths are entering detox for suboxone dependence.)

In the end TURN TO HELP treatment options fattens the profit margin of Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc. Profit margins, funding, and deception have become a theme I have seen far too often in the recovery world. Sad that so many are profiting on the health of our children.

By the way can anyone tell me who funds Partnership for Drug free. org?

peace and strength

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  2. Missy says:

    I have been on suboxone for three years and have got to say it has made me feel hope again, the reason its so difficult to get off is the Naloxone that is in Subs. My sister was on subs and happened to get prego, well at this point I found out that they gave her Subutex instead of the suboxone that has the opiate blocker naloxone , that is the shit that makes it almost impossible to taper down from. So if you can switch to subutex you can and will be able to taper slowly with miid withdrawls she is now off them and the baby is a healthy angel. With the help of group and the want to be free of it I will be off by this year..and so can all of you !! If your doctor doesn’t want to give you Subutex ask why and what harm could it do its Buprenorphine the same thing as Suboxone except without the naloxone, (food for thought)

  3. Bryan Elhard says:

    I got prescribed 24 mg of suboxone a day +3 mg of klonopin a day…did everything I was supposed to. The Dr wrote me for Subutex due to it being cheaper. His wife us his secretary & disagreed with his decision & fucking cut me off cold Turkey.ruining my life & could die. The thing is the Dr doesn't knw because his bitch wife won't lemme talk to him. I am going to sue them& need advocates..I have a son coming next month & been on sub 5 yearsWHAT THE F?

  4. Scott Kane says:

    I used suboxone to get clean from a bad heroin addiction buying it off the street, starting with little as possible , just enough to let me function for a lil over a week and then I stopped buying them. It worked cuz I wanted to stop, I'm sorry but it takes a lil uncomfort to get completely clean from opiates. I hate when ppl blame the doc and pharmacy ppl, cuz u didn't taper off and now u can't get off…. Sorry its ur own fault

  5. Monica Shomo says:

    I need help on getting off pain pill

    I need getting off pain pill

  6. Joe muscat says:

    The 12 step programs are a joke!!!

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  8. Heather L. Gregory says:

    TURN TO HELP is terribly misleading. I agree with the above Addiction Journal statement. Suboxone is intended to be short term, to assist with withdrawal, NOT long term or a substitute. Our daughter has been struggling to get clean for several years, when hearing turn to helps ad we became so hopeful only to learn it has nothing to do with really helping anyone get clean it is only the marketing strategy of Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals to increase their profits. When entering out zip code on their site, the first 2 doctors they list are not even reputable Doctors, one is being investigated by law enforcement and the other is being reprimanded by the medical board. There are no other options for help listed there only links to the “suppliers” The pharmaceuticals companies do NOT care about helping my daughter get clean if they did they would not be falsely advertising their products. If you really are considering suboxone for a treatment option please please really research it and check the source. Turn to help provides false hope! Our daughters doctor assured her he would have her clean, OFF drugs totally with in a year max. She believed him, now 4 years later she is on the max dose plus Valium & Kalonpin Although her doctor states “she is clean, shes medically treated”. Our daughter just wants her life back. Please if you want to get help DON”T turn to help, it’s a long road of false hope that increases the profit of the pharmaceuticals companies and the Doctors make a very healthy profit. Why would they want you to get clean? Please educate your selves don’t fall for their scams.

  9. tjf says:

    to anyone who says they have been “clean”since they’ve been on suboxone,sorry to say “wishful thinking”,u would’ve had a better chance kicking the Vicodin,LorTads,Oxycontin etc.That would’ve taken 3 to 4 months,but geting off the Subox. will take twice as long.You can lead a functional life,but subox still is a drug,but MUCH harder to kick.Good start, but you’re kidding yourself claiming to be “clean” You would of been beter of with Methadone just because of the $ u would’ve saved!

  10. Lorrie Davis Bennett says:

    I owe my life to Suboxone.
    I tried everything with no success…for 10 years. So , I am thankful that it is available and believe that it is fine for the pharmaceutical companies to advertise…more folks need to know about it… people like ME. Feb. 11th was my 7th anniversary of sobriety. I know others that this has worked for and been the only answer for too. And I see no problem being on it for the rest of my life if I so choose. I pay for it out of my pocket and I feel totally normal on it. It is not meant to be used to yo yo with….using opiates then falling back on Suboxone when you dont have them. That is why it is popular for street sales. There is no way that I would ever sell mine. It just works….it is as simple as that. I had done treatment 3 times….meetings for 10 years with no success…I just had to have something different than that and Suboxone was my answer.

  11. Debbie Bergen says:

    If someone really wants to quit opoids suboxone can help tremendously. They have to want it though.if they don't, then nothing's gonna work anyway

  12. Amee Kane says:

    Thank you for your commitment to recovery!

  13. Greg Russel says:

    Also, my “addiction specialist / pain management doctor actually the head of a giant hospital” only has to say'” I told you that Suboxone is horrible Sh*t!! Just keep trying to reduce, I don’t know what to tell you!” Please pursue other ways of getting off whatever you are on than using Suboxone!! There are multiple treatment centers in America for getting off just about anything. Try finding one that gets you off Suboxone!! Very few and the few even say how hard and horrible it is to get off that devil drug.

  14. Greg Russel says:

    Thank You Thank You!!! Anyone with a bad addiction, please do not use the evil devil drug Suboxone!!! Sure it works, but try to get off Suboxone!!! You have a less than 5% chance and, I have contemplated suicide(not now) as the withdrawals are worse than dying of cancer and last months!!!! I still can ‘t kick it and have only been on it 7 months!! Thank you for the people who said if you haven’t had opioid withdrawals u don’t have a clue. Suboxone is poison. I went through months of opioid withdrawals thinking they were he’ll!! Boy was I wrong and Never would have thought Suboxone withdrawals could be worse and are 1000 times worse. As an example, running diareah every day, rls, hot cold, depression, wanting to just die – I really can’t put into words how horrible. If you are contemplating using Suboxone, please don’t!!!

  15. Andrew Nevlezer says:

    Suboxone saved my marriage, relationship with my son and my whole life. I’ve tried everything and this is the only thing that helped. Say what y’all want about it but it’s the best thing for an addict like me that needed something more than just NA or any type of group.

  16. Robert p. says:

    I’m glad someone sees that the government is AGAIN profiting off substance abuse in America… yes. As a physical withdrawal symptom suppressor suboxone works fine but recovery is in the heart of the addict. I just don’t understand I’m glad someone sees that the government is AGAIN profiting off substance abuse in America… yes. As a physical withdrawal symptom suppressor suboxone works fine but recovery is in the heart of the addict. I just don’t understand how you can make a profitable deal to get people addicted and then reap the benefits of recovery and incarceration… we are doing it to ourselves but I guess if someone has to make money so be it, this coming from someone who has been on all sides and angles of the dope game, which this surely is reguardless of how it is marketed. Prevention is the best tool, stop feeding us poison to harm one another through addiction and greed… how you can make a profitable deal to get people addicted and then reap the benefits of recovery and incarceration… we are doing it to ourselves but I guess if someone has to make money so be it, this coming from someone who has been on all sides and angles of the dope game, which this surely is reguardless of how it is marketed. Prevention is the best tool, stop feeding us poison to harm one another through addiction and greed…

  17. Melissa Long Nicgorski says:

    As someone who has been on Suboxone for almost 5 years…there are great and terrible things about this drug. Great thing is that it works and I have been clean almost the entire time. Terrible things are that I don't know how I am going to get off of this stuff. I cannot afford the $11,000 to be put to sleep and have my blood ran through. Second, I took some nausea medicine called Zophran and it sent me into the worst withdrawals. See, if you take any sort of narcotic that you shouldn't or if you try to get high, it automatically throws you into withdrawals and there is nothing to stop them…just have to let it run its course. Third, how in the world will I be able to take care of my children whenever I have to withdraw for about 30 days? This company has made truck loads of money off of me and other addicts…you would think if they really wanted to help, they would give us some sort of anecdote to come off of this medicine. This probably will not happen because then I would no longer need to purchase their medicine. Which by the way costs about $900 a month ($10 for one pill or slip and I take 3 a day) and that does not include the monthly doctor visit and 3 and a half hour drive to the only Suboxone doctor I can find after my original doctor passed away suddenly. In closing, this drug is great for people who need treatment for opiate abuse but there also needs to be a solution for coming off of this stuff. Withdrawals are truly Hell here on earth! If anyone knows anything about detox that isn't misery, can you please let me know.

    • Did ur doc never start cutting ur dose and wean u off?…That is the only way, there is no way u should still be on 3 pills a day,5 yrs later!!Subs are meant to help w/ opiate w/drawl and cut ur cravings, but they r temporary!!…5 yrs. is way too long….get a new doc…. wish u much luck

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  19. joyce says:

    my son has been on soboxin for 7 yrs! really addicted to it. I love A.A and have stayed sober for 7yrs. truly happy for the program and the fellowship. try to tell my son to start going but it falls on deaf ears. I think the soboxin is highly addictive in long term use. thanks for letting me share.

    • Melissa Nicgorski says:

      You cannot get high off of Suboxone. I have been on it for 5 years and you said that you were an alcoholic?? Ma’am, no disrespect intended but alcohol addiction is not even near the same class as being addicted to heroin. Just the thought of going through withdrawals is my worst fear…that is why I haven’t gotten off of it. I would love to get off of it but cannot afford $11,000 for them to run my blood through machines. Before you judge your son, if someone is buying this stuff off the streets, it is only so that they won’t get sick. AA is crap…yes, I said it, crap. Higher power bull and all that. Jesus Christ delivered me from my addiction and I would give anything and pray everyday to be delivered from Suboxone. You have no idea what withdrawals are like…Hell here on earth. Stop judging your son and others over something you have never experienced before. Try to help him instead. Please do not take any of this as disrespect. I am so angry at people who have never suffered a withdrawal a day in their life and they act all high and mighty. Just like you used to drink alcohol, it could have just as easily been you as it is your son. Drugs and alcohol do not discreminate. I pray that your son is delivered from Suboxone. If you read my comment up above, you would see that I am not able to recommend Suboxone or not. It made my life so much better but there has got to be an easier way!! God bless you and your son and your loved ones. With the Agape of Jesus Christ, Melissa <3

  20. Ann Schulte Hartman says:

    Replacing one chemical dependency with another is not a fix! Have heard of a lot of people buying it off the streets….and classifying as,a Moran is the same as buying subscription drugs off the street!

    • Melissa Nicgorski says:

      Yes, you may have heard of people buying it off the street but not to get high silly. I have been on this medicine for 5 years and would love to get off of it but withdrawals are so terrifying to me and I am not in the position to be in the hospital for 30 days. I do not get high off of this drug at all. As a matter of fact, it is a deterant in itself. If one takes Suboxone regularly, and they take another automatically puts the person into withdrawals. Please! No disrespect but I cannot stand it whenever people give their opinion about things that they have no idea about. Unless you have been through the Hell of withdrawing, you just don’t know. God bless and keep you and your loved ones. With the Agape of Jesus Christ, Melissa <3

  21. Ann Schulte Hartman says:

    Going to rehab,and being subscribed it is how she started it… is not supposed to be something you keep taking…..your supposed to be gradually taken off it… me it is fixing one drug habit with another….I would never recommend it to anyone….last rehab my daughter was in they said basically it is not a fix and he does not treat patients that way or would he recommend it.

  22. Gina says:

    Depends on how motivated the addict is to get clean and sober. Personally, I think it’s just another band-aid and addictive drug but if it has helped some addicts as a part of the recovery process then great. You still have to work a recovery program IMO, not just take a drug. This mentality of reaching for something for every little ailment and anxiety is part of an addicts behavior (along with those that “just ike to get high”). The addict in my life went on suboxone and did great for two months. You cannot get high on opiates while taking suboxone so guess what? The addict will then turn to other drugs – cocaine, benzos, smoking pot, drinking…that’s what the addict in my life did. Oh, and suboxone ain’t cheap. Go figure!!!

    • AddictionJournal says:

      Thanks for comment Gina…the Suboxone debate has raged on forever and will continue to rage on. The post was intended to wake parents up to the “Mismarketing” of recovery web sites to sell their products or to attain funding …I hope it makes a few parents read the fine print on every site they visit.

      • Melissa Nicgorski says:

        You know something lady, you have no idea what you are talking about. Drug addiction does not discri minate. You don’t have a clue about what it feels like to withdraw from opiates. It is not a little pain in anxiety! It is literally Hell here on earth! I keep reading these comments and hearing all you non addicts and non empathy feeling people giving your opinion about something you have been blessed to not experience. How about go and get an empathy pill. “The addict in your life”??? Come on lady! One day something is going to happen to you because you judged others when you have no idea. In molding us, God has us go through things to mold us and shape us into the Child of God that He needs us to be. Do not be surprised if He puts you through some trial to make you feel empathy to others. God bless you. With His Agape, Melissa <3

  23. Ann Schulte Hartman says:

    Not only that but suboxone, is,addictive and is sold on the,streets,as,a drug….I personally don't like it…..made my daughter want to buy of the street…justifying by saying it is,a drug to get off drugs!… what good is it?

    • Jenessa Renee says:

      My mom is on suboxone and has ben for 8 months and ben 8 months clean u have to have self control go to a rehab like my mom did u get suboxone once a month u dnt need to get it from the streets and if u r your a moron just sayin

    • AddictionJournal says:

      Hi Ann – never really did the suboxone treatment in our home. I have been told by 12 steppers it can be “OK” as a harm reduction drug but what we see here in the NorthEast is a huge CASH business where treatment ( Suboxone ) seems to never have a light at the end of the addiction tunnel. My son has done much better using his “spiritual solution for a spiritual problem” treatment..

    • Jenessa Renee says:

      She takes 8 miligrams at a time and it has helpd her stay sober this long it take self control

  24. Susan Willis Silva says:

    Thank you again for doing your due diligence and exposing yet another PHARMA looking to make money off the addicted.

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