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A joke, a smoke, and some hope

My son came by our home to pick up some of his belongings this eve. He wanted to move some “stuff” over to his new halfway house. Prior to his arrival I was pretty stressed out. Not knowing which of his 4000 personalities would show up, I wore a path in the rug with my […]

Addiction 2011 and a side order of hope

There are no completed how to guides to help us figure out how to deal with the chaos a family will face when their child is addicted. There are very few absolutes. Each story is the same yet uniquely different. Addiction / Recovery can be truly maddening to document.

Relapse – There is always hope!

My son told me long ago that drugs were not his issue. He told me he has a disease of the spirit and his drugging was merely a symptom. The relapse punctuates his wisdom. His ego took him down a path via a different drug. The character flaw took over again. He lies to me, his family, his friends, but most importantly he is again lying to himself.

4 short years ago

My son took my car last night – with permission ( 4 years ago he would steal it and to make a drug run ) Last night it rained torrentially and he left the sun roof open when he returned home. The rain poured from the sky and we were unaware of the car’s open […]

Tough Love and Chemotherapy

Tough Love to addiction is what Chemotherapy is to cancer patients. Neither treatment is easy to go through for patient or their family.