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Cape Cod Mass Support Group – Parents Supporting Parents

There is a parent support group based in Mashpee Massachusetts called Parents Supporting Parents
Their web at this time is Face Book based but found at

The mission statement at this page reads : Parents & Family members coping with our childrens addiction. Our mission is to support, strengthen, and educate ourselves and others as we help our children achieve sobriety and live a healthy lifestyle with love.

Please contact Lisa for additional information. Her email is

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  1. Joanne Souza Servidori says:

    I live in Yarmouth and would like to know where there are good NA meetings that I can attend with my son as support for him.

  2. ann grainger says:

    I am in Mashpee. My daughter (24 y.o.) is addicted to meth in CA. Arrested twice for possession within past 2-3 mos. Homeless now in Dana Point since her rv wasimpounded when arrested. I am planning a trip out there on Oct. 27 to try to appeal to her to go into residential treatment vs. what is coming-incarceration. Any suggestions, meetings greatly appreciated. Please help me save my daughter.

    • AddictionJournal says:

      There are meetings right in Mashpee. The parents helping parents group. Lisa M runs the organization. you may wish to email Lisa ( and get additional info. All the best

  3. [...] between 16 and 18 years old from various Cape Cod towns have started attending meetings of Parents Supporting Parents, a weekly support group held in [...]

  4. Pam Oliver Savoy says:

    Please, if possible post info regarding the group meetings – is there more than one place to meet? Very interested in your support….

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