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Cape Cod Mass Support Group – Parents Supporting Parents

There is a parent support group based in Mashpee Massachusetts called Parents Supporting Parents
Their web at this time is Face Book based but found at

The mission statement at this page reads : Parents & Family members coping with our childrens addiction. Our mission is to support, strengthen, and educate ourselves and others as we help our children achieve sobriety and live a healthy lifestyle with love.

Please contact Lisa for additional information. Her email is

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  1. sharon says:

    Learn to Cope helps thousands of people all over the country. When you were a moderator, there were 2 groups now there are 12 thats 10 more support groups of people helping people. Learn to Cope educates, provides resources and support for each other. We help people – you were one of them that helped me and now I pay it forward — thats whats important to me helping people and we help many and its clear to me from your response that you continue to hold grudges…move on and provide all known resources for parents looking for help on your website not just the ones you want to “promote”

    • AddictionJournal says:

      I agree that LTC helps many people and helped me. The families that attend have great intent and try to help eachother. I still see many of my LTC friends to this very day. What I didn’t like (and I was not the only person that this happened to) were the lies and censorship. I was banned from attending then had my forum access denied w/out explanation? The addiction is a personal blog paid for out of my pocket. There is no funding push, no donate button, no government or professional therapist donations flowing in. As the owner of this personal blog I feel I have the right to approve / promote any group or groups I wish to. I was “Moved on” very quickly from your group. Do I hold a grudge ..sure. I am not perfect. With all the groups and funding I wonder why such a major player in the recovery industry needs to send their admins to a lowly parent blog like this one to further promote their product? I am glad the LTC franchises are popping up all over Mass as parents will find them useful to some level. However I will continue to promote the groups that I want to promote. These will be groups whose leadership continues to focus on recovery and not self promotion and censorship. I prefer groups that get their members via attraction not promotion ( Al Anon 12 traditions). I tend to prefer the smaller more intimate groups. Hope all is well with your child.

      p.s. Glad I was able to offer some help back then. I try to do the same here for parents who want to read.

  2. Sharon says:

    Learn to cope also has a support group for parents and family members that meets every Tuesday in Yarmouth at the Yarmouth police station at 7 pm

    • AddictionJournal says:

      Yes I was a former member and moderator in this group years ago. It was/is an often used resource for parents in Massachusetts that suffer w/ addiction in their families. I read the the LTC group received a $300,000 grant from the Massachusetts gov. I hope that the money is used for recovery and beds/scholarships for the citizens that are afflicted w/ this disease and not wasted on promotion,overhead, and other frivolous expenditures.

  3. Cheryl says:

    My son is an addict and I am interested in attending your meetings.

  4. Joanne Souza Servidori says:

    I live in Yarmouth and would like to know where there are good NA meetings that I can attend with my son as support for him.

  5. ann grainger says:

    I am in Mashpee. My daughter (24 y.o.) is addicted to meth in CA. Arrested twice for possession within past 2-3 mos. Homeless now in Dana Point since her rv wasimpounded when arrested. I am planning a trip out there on Oct. 27 to try to appeal to her to go into residential treatment vs. what is coming-incarceration. Any suggestions, meetings greatly appreciated. Please help me save my daughter.

    • AddictionJournal says:

      There are meetings right in Mashpee. The parents helping parents group. Lisa M runs the organization. you may wish to email Lisa ( and get additional info. All the best

  6. […] between 16 and 18 years old from various Cape Cod towns have started attending meetings of Parents Supporting Parents, a weekly support group held in […]

  7. Pam Oliver Savoy says:

    Please, if possible post info regarding the group meetings – is there more than one place to meet? Very interested in your support….

    • AddictionJournal says:

      Hello Pam – you may wish to email Lisa ( and get additional info. I will gladly post if they supply the info.

      • Joan Bennett says:

        There are many great groups out there. Not one should be a monopoly. They all differ in some ways. Here’s another on the cape. Gosnold Reaching Out Family Support Group. Every Tuesday from 6-730 at the Gosnold Center, 1185 Falmouth Rd, Centerville Ma

        Try a few and figure out which is best for you. Good luck!

        Great blog, by the way!

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