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Peace and strength

Charging with Manslaughter? Whats your POA POV?

I have come across two articles this morn. One on a social media site the other here:

I am wondering how many parents agree that dealers be charged when “customers” die. I

I don’t as I am pretty sure that most of these “dealers” are our children. Yes those children will all the potential in the world. Locking them up for 10-20 years will do little or nothing to alter the death toll. Will they be locking up the doctors and big pharmas that push their wares like SKITTLES to a generation?

Do I believe in consequences? Sure..If you don’t think so you can read back over the 4 years of posts at this site. But 20 years? for manslaughter? I am not on board with that.

I can not celebrate the ruination of another child’s life as we incarcerate them for 20 years. You will never see me applaud the incarceration of another mother’s child due to addiction.

And the victims? I pray for their souls. But do they not have a place in their own demise? I have read and been taught ..”Jails DEATH or institutions” await those that don’t find a healthy solution. If our children (My own son included) do not find true sobriety they will face those inevitable outcomes.

I am really interested in what other parent’s ( or if?) will comment. All points of view are welcomed here.

peace and strength

It’s what you can live with…

I was emailing w/ a friend about our sons today. Both have been through the ringer and back. Currently her son is opting for the suboxone / vivatrol route.

She asked me if I thought it was right or wrong. Years ago I would have fallen to either side of the argument.

Today, after many years of learning hard lessons, my response was something like this…

There is no right or wrong. It’s the choices we can accept as parents. We do what we feel is best for our kids. (Do I agree with every parent? Hell NO! Do they always agree with me? Double HELL NO.)

I think the choices are our choices. My only caution is that we can face ourselves in the mirror for the remainder of our lives knowing we did ALL we could do to help our child’s recovery. God forbid my son dies, I want to look back at that guy in the mirror and agree we did all we could have done!

peace and strength

Center Ice..thinking back

As I travel on in this journey I write less and less. Writing less is probably a good thing as I am far less consumed with my son’s recovery than I was in the past.

It is playoff hockey time (although not in Boston )and I tune in here and there . The playoffs made me think of this funny story that was provided by my son.

There was a time about seven years ago when I called my son panicked. I was locked in my futile “track him down” mode. (Hey I was naive). He was using hard and I was going to save him. (Did I mention I was naive?)

bruinsAnyway I asked “where are you?”. He comes up with this elaborate story. “My friends got us ticket to the Bruin’s game blah blah etc. ” I accepted his answer thinking “Oh this is good he will be safe this evening.”

I walk over to the TV and flip on the Bruin’s game. Strange thing is the logo at center ice was that of the NY Rangers. Unless my son had traveled to New York that night… The Bruins were on the road!!!!. My son’s b&llsh*t story was hurled onto the pile of the other 10,000 lies he had told me up to that point.

I was enraged back then and expended a lot of energy that night. Today as I write about it I kind of chuckle. Pretty funny memory for me these days.

Do you have any “funny lies” that you want so share..I’m sure I am not alone .

At this time my son is doing far better. I hope your child is as well.

Peace and strength

It’s just another day…

I guess if I had one thing to relay to fellow POAs about Easter (or any other holiday) is that to addiction (your child’s disease) , today is just another day.

Whether your child is using or currently sober remember to stay within the framework of what faces that child. Addiction does not give a damn about your pretty eggs and candy filled baskets.

I guess the mistake I made was thinking that I could holiday my child away from his disease. If I decorated the day as it was once decorated in his childhood somehow, someway a magical switch would go off in his head and he would forsake drugs completely.

Man, was I naive. I learned that I could not LOVE my child away from his disease.

Today I take each day as it comes. Whether a holiday or a workday, I thank God he is alive and ask Him to strengthen my son.

Peace and strength

A disease of contradictions for POAs

Parents of addicts, myself included, are truly a collection of characters. We contradict ourselves almost daily.

We count our child’s clean time, yet we preach “one day at a time”.

We are taught we can’t “control it”, yet those very same teachers stalk their child’s cell phones and Facebook pages.

We profess to understand our child has been afflicted with a spiritual mental emotional disease, yet we blame everyone from his or her friends to big pharma for the child’s plight.

“Live and Let God” is a cornerstone lesson, yet we attempt to survey every step our child makes. We become more adept than the CIA in reviewing their cell phone logs, chat room logs, Facebook, Twitter pages. Jason Bourne move on over…

Contradiction-jpg-550x4121We are taught anonymity; yet broadcast our child’s personal business on the social media sites with no regard for their long-term recovery.

“Insanity” is defined early in our journey, yet years later POAs are still doing the same thing over and over. The excuse is “ you will be ready in your time”.

We are taught to remain hopeful, yet are taught to “stay in the day” . Hope inherently targets the future.

We are taught not to judge at our parent support groups, yet the whispers of “ he is using suboxone” continue to echo. Street junkies are considered at lower caste level than those that were the victims of Big Pharma profiteering… Judge not Parents, lest ye be judged.

We ask others to forgive our child, yet we plaster pictures of dealers and arrests on social media with no regards that this is some other broken hearted mom’s child.

We badger our child to “work the steps” yet as parents we are unforgiving and unable to do a “fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

It’s an interesting journey. Are there other contradictions that you have seen on your POA journey? I’m sure I missed a few.

peace and strength